ini kata 2 pembalap ducati pasca latihan sepang


ducati menorenkan hasil yang kurang memuaskan di tes sirkuit sepang kemarin. dengann hanya menduduki posisi ke 9 dan sepulu pada pembalap tercepat dan selih waktu yang cukup jauh dengan pembalap asal spanyol dani pedrosa. ini adalah yang di katakan terkait masalah ini. berikut ada kutipan dari 2 pembalap ducati yakni andrea dovisioso dan hayden. cekitdot 

Nicky Hayden

“We obviously can’t be happy when our times are that far off of the top guys, but we knew it was going to be tough. Sepang has never been a particularly good track for Ducati: we raced here in October, and the bike hasn’t changed much since then. We found a couple little things over the course of the test, which allowed us to improve our consistency on day three, but I think we need something big. Anyway, it was nice to be back on the bike and working with the guys. The team has worked extremely hard, and we just have to stay motivated and keep giving them the right information so that we can hopefully start making some real progress soon.”

Andrea Dovizioso

“Yes, it was a difficult test but we didn’t expect it to be any different. We’re here to improve the situation and everybody knows the level we are now so we have to improve. We tested as much stuff as we could, because we’re focused on improving the bike. The gap to the others is big, and we pushed a lot to understand the bike. I gave a lot of feedback, maybe too much! We don’t know how the next test in Sepang will be. There’s too short a time between now and then, so it’s difficult to do something big in this time. We still have to decide which parts we can bring to the second test. Unfortunately, we need time to try something big.”

ya kita tunggu tes selanjutnya, apakah hasilnya akan sama seperti ini ataukah meraka bisa membalikan keadaan…???

wait and see saja.

Note: Kutipan dari MotoGP


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